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Your credit score carries significant weight. It determines the interest rate you'll pay for loans, or whether you qualify for them. And it's used in various ways ranging from employment to housing. The higher your score, the better your position. You can easily access your FICO® Score from anywhere if you have a LAPFCU loan or credit card. Learn how your score is computed, see how your score trends and get personalized tips for improving it.

View your FICO® Score online

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Log in to online banking

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Go to the Manage Money tab

Step 3

Select View My FICO® Score

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Open the LAPFCU mobile app

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Select More

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Click View My FICO® Score

LAPFCU is a full-service credit union for sworn, civilian, and professional employees of police and sheriff's departments and their family members in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura counties.