Schedule of Fees

We strive to keep our fees as low as possible

And in several cases, we eliminate them altogether. That's the benefit of doing business with a Credit Union owned by members like you.

Fees effective October 1, 2022

Applicable to Member Share Account 

Monthly Maintenance Fee (If average daily balance > $250) $5.00

Bill Pay

Bill Pay Normal Delivery (per ACH or check item) No Fee
Bill Pay Expedited Delivery (per ACH item) $4.00
Bill Pay Expedited Delivery (per check item) $25.00

Additional Fees

Account Research (per hour) $50.00
Cashier's Checks (per item) $7.50
Check Clearing Fee (per item) $30.00
Check Copies (2 free per month) (per copy) $5.00
Check Printing Fee At cost
Coin Redemption Machine (per value counted) 5.0%
Counter/Temporary Check (per request) $2.00
Deposit/Mortgage Verification (per verification) $25.00
Dormant Account (per year) $10.00
Escheatment Notice $2.00
Holiday Cash Pack (per pack) $1.00
IRA Account closure (per account) $20.00
Levy (per levy) $50.00
Merry Money Account Early Withdrawal (per acct) $20.00
Non-Member Check Cashing (per item)  $10.00
Notary (Non-LAPFCU related) (per occurence) $10.00
Paper Statement Fee (per statement cycle) $2.99
Returned Deposited Item (per item) $25.00
Returned Mail (per statement)  $7.50
Statement copies (Free on PATROL) (per copy) $5.00
Stop Payment Order $20.00


NSF/Overdraft Privilege (ODP) (per item) $30.00
Overdraft Privilege Service (ODP) Fee (per item) $30.00
Overdraft Transfer From Share Accounts (per tfr) $6.00
Overdrawn Account  $30.00

Wire Transfers

Domestic Outgoing (per transfer) $25.00
Domestic Incoming (per transfer) $15.00
International Outgoing (per transfer) $50.00
International Incoming (per transfer) $15.00

LAPFCU Debit Card and ATM Network Services

LAPFCU Debit Card Initial (per card - if not linked to a Checking Account $10.00
LAPFCU Debit Card Replacement (per card) $10.00
Debit Card Reissue (Rush) (per card)  $35.00
ATM Surcharge (Non-member) (per use)  $3.75

CO-OP Network 

Account Inquiries No fee
Deposit Adjustments (per deposit) $5.00
Deposits/Other Transactions Account Inquiries No fee
CU Service Centers ATM  No fee
Other network account inquiries  No fee
Other network transactions No fee
POS Network (per transaction) No fee
CO-OP ATM Network No Fee


LAPFCU is a full-service credit union for sworn, civilian, and professional employees of police and sheriff's departments and their family members in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura counties.